Join CEO

CEO’s greatest strength is our member firms. There are 200 member firms across Ontario enjoying unparalled oportunities for professional growth and networking. As well, the employees and principals of our member firms can take advantage of affinity programs through CEO partners.
Here are the benefits the CEO members enjoy:
  • Subscription to the latest industry and regulatory affairs updates.
  • Full access to relevant industry resources and publications.
  • Business risk negotiation with clients in the broader public sector.
  • Proven impact on public policy in municipal and provincial governments.
  • Volunteer opportunities in elected leadership roles, committees and CEO publications.
  • Discounted registration fees to professional development courses and seminars.
  • Full access to online Membership Directory.
  • Discounted home and auto insurance coverage through AEROridge Insurance Brokers.
  • Access to Human Resources services and products through TwoGreySuits.
  • Benefit Partners Collective Purchasing Program for group health insurance.
  • Automatic membership in the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada.
  • Networking opportunities through our social and professional development events.

CEO, in association with Benefit Partners, is pleased to offer the BIG COMPANY advantage™ to all member firms. The BIG COMPANY advantage™ helps you to save a significant amount of money on your benefits plan by getting insurance companies to treat you like a BIG COMPANY! The program will also help you save time, make more money, and achieve your goals. Membership in CEO entitles your company to a free starter session where a benefit strategy expert will review your situation, clarify your goals, and start to develop your big company strategy. Many firms are already on board!
For more information, click here to visit the company website and watch the video explaining how it all works, then contact Benefit Partners to book your free starter session.


CEO has entered into a license agreement with TwoGreySuits which provides free access for all CEO members to their HR website. The HR Power Centre on the website contains pertinent information (500 downloadable documents) to enable members to build or maintain a robust HR function in their company. The most recent TwoGreySuits product update includes state of the art on-line Employee Engagement certification training for Managers, which essentially ties together the website materials and implementation of various people management/employee engagement initiatives.

The 24/7 HR hotline is also included. Members can also opt in to the TwoGreySuits – Talking Suits newsletter which contains valuable tips and advice on every aspect of people management. Click here to read 50 reasons to use the HR power centre and HR hot line.


Aeroridge Insurance Brokers Ltd. offers group rates and additional discounts on auto and home insurance. Request a quote by contacting Conrad Dion at 1-888-685-2376 or  to see how much you can save you on your home and auto insurance. Aeroridge Insurance does not require a down payment in order to switch your car and home insurance. Click here to visit the Aeroridge website. 

New clients will be entered in Aeroridge's Select Sweepstakes and eligible for a chance to win one of six new vehicles. If you are an existing client, simply call Aeroridge or send an email to to enter the Sweepstakes. Click here for more details. 


For membership benefit inquiries, please contact Lauryn Weinberger, Member Services & Events Planner  at 416-620-1400 Ext. 223 or at