2016 Plus Delta Magazine - Fall/Winter Edition

This issue brings you up to speed on CEO’s current priorities: the priorities articulated by members. This issue features the association’s advocacy journey, an interview with Geoff Pound and Reg Russwurm who contributed greatly to the revision of the MEA-CEO Standard, how to create a great client experience and business succession planning.




2016 Plus Delta Magazine - Accolades Edition

The Accolades Edition is an annual feature celebrating and recognizing all the award-winning and nominated projects of the 2016 Ontario Consulting Engineering Awards.






CEO 40th Anniversary Special Publication 

Consulting Engineers of Ontario looks back on 40 years of engineering positive changes for not only its member firms but also people living in Ontario. With contributions from both former and current members of the CEO Board of Director, young professionals, staff and public sector partners, this publication paints a picture of how CEO has evolved itself in the past four decades and where it is bound to go. Enjoy this trip through history with us. 




Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Consulting Engineering Services in Ontario

Consulting Engineers of Ontario developed the Conflict of Interest Guidelines to help member firms and public sector clients better better address and make informed decisions when confroted with conflict of interest and unfair advantage situations.